"Tisha is indeed an outstanding yoga instructor.  Her teaching methods and practices consistently demonstrate her passion for yoga, her compassion for her students, and the scope of her experience and expertise.  Tisha strives for excellence in each class as she guides her students to learn and explore the practice of yoga.  She always succeeds!"

- Joni P., Auburn, ME



"I am so grateful for our (private) session! I am not sure what happened, but last night when I got into bed, for the first time in a very long time I was not worried about my back slipping out if I moved wrong, and sure enough the movements in the night were so very fluid and not once did I have an issue, slept awesome-didn't want to get up, and this morning I feel great! I can not wait to see what doing this on a regular basis does!  Much gratitude again!"

- Donna G., Lewiston, ME


Would you recommend Tisha's classes to others?  

"Yes, and I have!  Because when you find someone who is exceptional at what they do - you have to share it!" 

-  AJ D., New Gloucester, ME


"You know, Tisha is a 'miracle worker'. This last (private) class has made me feel lighter on my legs and my arthritis pain is a lot less.  She really knows how to restore my movement in a way that doesn't injure me." 

-  Anita D., Minot, ME


What I find most beneficial is "the precise directions and moving around the room to assist us...it is a very enjoyable class."

Diane T., Lewiston, ME


Tisha offers "an excellent guide to the practice."

Jacque M., Lewiston, ME


"I think it's are great!  I really enjoy these classes and often tell everybody about it!"

- Rose P., Lewiston, ME


"Simply excellent"

- Polly R., Lewiston, ME

"Last week, I was advised by my physician to reduce and eliminate certain anti-hypertensive meds that I have needed for the past 10 years, because my blood pressure had returned to a very low-normal state.  I know that all of the changes are multi-factorial, but I have no doubt of the benefit of your classes and your personality.  I wanted to thank you for sharing an area of your life which I know you are so passionate." 

-  Mike D., Minot, ME

"I first worked with Tish as a beginner in pre-natal yoga. Her positive energy and approachable demeanor made a beginner like me feel very comfortable, even as my pregnant body became even more uncomfortable! ... she does everything necessary to create an inviting and comfortable environment for students at all levels in their yoga practice. 
Tish has found her niche in working with expectant and new moms. She facilitates a warm environment for women at similar stages to connect with their babies and each other."

- MaryBeth N., Falmouth, ME



"I was able to move my baby into position using some of the pelvic moves I learned from the prenatal yoga class and dilated 6 whole cm in one hour and delivered my baby in 45 mins.  Big thank you to Tisha!"

- Amy L., Falmouth, ME


Tisha helped me find my way back to life! I am always inspired by her messages...she makes you want to try to improve at your own pace. 


                                           -D. Berube, Lewiston ME

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