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What should I bring to yoga class?

I think bringing an open mind and a positive attitude are the most important things to have in yoga, so that you can glean the most out of class possible. You will also need a yoga mat and water bottle. I will have all of the other props (block or belt) that you will need for class. If you forget your mat, don't worry. I have extra available at each of my classes. 

What should I wear to yoga class?


You should wear comfortable, loosely fitting clothing that will not inhibit your ability to move. I like to wear a long-sleeve top over a tank top or short sleeve shirt so that I have options if I get warm or cool in class. Yoga pants are also a good idea and they are readily available at most department stores. Yoga is practiced without shoes or socks, so footwear is not necessary. 

My yoga mat is slippery. What should I do?

Most mats are produced with a slippery silicone coating, which your hands may slip on during the practice. This coating wears off over time, but it is annoying to slip on your mat. You can wash your mat to take away this coating. Simply wash your mat with a cloth and a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup hot water. Do not use soap or dish detergent. This will make your mat more slippery. If your mat is not too thick, you may also consider placing it in the washing machine on hot with 1 cup of white vinegar. Your mat will need a few days to air dry once washed.

What if I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?


Yes! You are a perfect candidate for yoga and you will benefit greatly. Yoga will help you stay strong and gain flexibility. The way I teach will show you how to use specific actions within the poses to help you achieve more flexibility in a safe and comfortable way. Yoga is the best thing you can do to achieve more flexibility, so join a class today!

What if I lack balance and coordination; is yoga right for me?

Yoga will help you greatly improve both balance and coordination. Yoga strengthens the core muscles of your body, which support your ability to be stable and function with grace. You may find that some poses are more challenging than others, but you will notice a marked improvement after a few classes. Stick with it and you will become well balanced and coordinated. 

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